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RTO counted cross-stitch kits: why to buy?

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RTO counted cross-stitch kits

RTO counted cross-stitch kits: what’s inside?

RTO cross-stitch kits are carefully packed by hand into transparent PVC bags that makes visible the content of the kit. The instructions and the charts are in English.

High quality DMC threads (100% cotton); Zweigart needlework fabric AIDA (14, 16, 18), or some kits have (100% linen fabrics); embroidery needle John James (UK). RTO always complete each kit with 20% of extra quantity of threads.

DMC threads are presorted on the organizers to make it easy to embroider!

RTO skilled designers, who create cross stitch charts, think out every line and every stitch, so that everything is in its place. It is pure pleasure to embroider using these charts!

RTO always uses images of finished embroidery on the front sheets so you can see the gorgeous result you will get, before you buy any of RTO kit. If you buy for the present RTO package is a great gift option as well.

No doubts, every type of embroiderers can be sure to finish RTO design to her satisfaction…and come for more projects😊)

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