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RTO counted cross-stitch kits

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RTO counted cross-stitch kits

Why RTO counted cross-stitch kits are so popular and well known for last 15 years?

RTO is European manufacturer who takes care of every step of production: from creation to sales.

The huge job is carrying out by in-house Design Studio and Marketing Department. Following the worldwide latest trends experienced designers turn it into counting cross-stitch using modern software trying to achieve the best result from artistic point of view.

Then the design is stitched at least two times in order to adjust the colors, finalize the details, check the pattern and calculate the required lengths of threads. RTO usually add 20% extra threads in each kit to be sure that any type of customer will finish the project.

RTO collection includes kits of different levels of complexity, ranging from simple and fun to more sophisticated designs, and a lot of designs with "incomplete" stitching, where the main object is stitched fully, but the background is stitched slightly in 1-2 strands. There are also more complicated designs for the most experienced and skilled embroiderers.

Join us to know more about coming cross-stitch kits!

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