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How to choose the best diamond painting?

How to choose best diamond painting?

The answer is very simple: just choose Collection D’Art Diamond Embroidery Painting

kits😊 WHY?

Main advantage is European production. There is a complete production process from design, product quality control to finished product packaging made by Collection D’Art itself. This brand is not related to mass market Chinese production. Plus, with all products shipped from their base in Estonia, EU, you can trust in timely and reliable delivery. The best diamond painting we choose.

Sparkles (gems) are made by special technology: they never lose quality and color and have a 5D effect on the finished project. The sparkles have square shape and all designs are full coverage.

Sparkles (gems) are packed in reusable bags. All the bags have the colors’ numbers and very handy for multi usage.

Forms of sparkles (gems) are diamond (square), 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm. There will be no empty holes, and the finished model looks the same as any completed project.

The quantity of sparkles (gems) per design: + 20% for each project.

The quality of the colors of sparkles (gems): for each production cycle, strict quality control is carried out so that the colors and shadows are always the same. Using a wide color range with the smallest hue transmission allows you to demonstrate real color and the play of shades, providing a 5D effect.

Are you ready to unlock the best diamond painting?!


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