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Diamond Embroidery Painting: New and Trendy craft!

Diamond painting content of the kits
Collection D'Art Diamond Painting kits

Are you curious to know why Diamond Painting kits are “Must have craftwork kits” for last five years?

At HobbyDo we offer a very trendy craft products from Collection D’Art brand: Diamond Embroidery Painting Craft kits. We would like you to join us in discovery of “embroidery” with diamond-shaped sparkles.

Diamond Embroidery Painting is a simple kind of creative hobby. According to manufacturer Collection D’Art and their five years’ experience in this new craft, it helps to relax and has antistress effect which is very actual nowadays in our intensive world full of unexpected ongoings.

Are you looking for antistress and relaxing?

It is proven by customers’ feedback that Diamond Embroidery Painting is a kind of art therapy and great path for improving the mental wellbeing. Working on placing the “sparkles” onto the canvas helps to melt out the anxious thoughts and reduce the stress from uncertainty. The repetitive movements combined with focusing on the canvas can help reduce anxiety. You can even use this craft when you are on eating disorder treatment. The concept of Diamond Painting helps to concentrate on your feelings and emotions and make a new way to express them throughout creating something beautiful.

Working on the new Diamond Painting design you will get a great boost of positive energy.

How To Do concept.

Diamond Embroidery Painting craft concept is simple: using special “magic stylus” you apply tiny shiny sparkles (gems- “diamonds”) to a preprinted adhesive canvas with clear symbols on it.

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