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Collection D’Art Diamond Painting Magnet kits: craft for beginners.

Diamond painting Magnet kits: craft for beginners.

Small Creations for Big Hearts.

All designs offer full coverage using square sparkles (gems - 'diamonds'). This creates an adorable 5D effect in the finished magnets.

Whether you're an adult just trying out the diamond painting technique or a teen/kid who's grabbed this quick and easy magnet kit, believe that you'll absolutely fall in love with this relaxing and cool craft project!

Every kit includes everything you need to complete your project for beginners: • Pre-cut binder’s board with printed color chart on it

• Re-usable zip lock bags with pre-sorted square sparkles, extra quantity

• Stylus, dry glue pad, magnet tape

• Step-by-step photo instruction

• Packaging with the picture of finished project

• , dry glue pad, magnet tape Try diamond painting magnet kits: craft for beginners and experience the joy of bringing these small creations to life, warming the hearts of your loved ones or even treating yourself to a delightful piece of art.

Get your Diamond Painting Magnet Kit now and let your creativity shine!


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