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Collection D’Art Diamond Painting Cardboard kits: content and how to use

Updated: May 13

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Sparkle Your World with Diamond Painting Cardboard Kits!

Diamond painting is more than just a craft; it's a therapeutic journey that lets you add a touch of sparkle to your life. Whether you're a beginner or a teen looking for a creative outlet, our diamond painting cardboard kits offer an engaging and fun experience that's both rewarding and relaxing.

What's Inside the Kit?

Our diamond painting cardboard kits come with everything you need:

  • Attractive Packaging: The excitement begins from the moment you receive your kit with its eye-catching packaging.

  • Pre-Cut Cardboard: Each kit includes pre-cut cardboard featuring a printed color chart, making it easy to follow along and bring your masterpiece to life.

  • Pre-Sorted Square Sparkles: Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting through sparkles. Our kits come with pre-sorted square sparkles in re-usable zip lock bags, ensuring you have the right colors in abundance.

  • Stylus and Dry Glue Pad: The included stylus and dry glue pad make the diamond painting process smooth and enjoyable.

  • Craft Tray: Keep your workspace organized and tidy with the handy craft tray included in the kit.

  • Photo Instruction: We provide clear photo instructions to guide you through every step of the diamond painting process.

Please note: This is NOT a postcard! Our kits feature high-quality cardboard designed specifically for diamond painting.

Versatility and Accessibility

Our range of cardboard kits comes in two sizes designed to fit standard frames, allowing you the flexibility to choose the perfect frame for your finished masterpiece from any local household store. Whether you're creating framed gifts for loved ones or adding a personal touch to your interior decor, diamond painting cardboard kits offer endless possibilities.

Crafting Made Simple

Diamond painting is not only a creative outlet but also a quick and easy craft technique suitable for all skill levels. The repetitive nature of placing sparkles onto the cardboard is not only satisfying but also meditative, providing a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Watch and Learn

Still unsure about how to get started? Check out our video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide to diamond painting with our cardboard kits.

Get your Diamond Painting Cardboard Kit now and let your creativity shine!

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