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Diamond Embroidery Painting kit Panther

full coverage, square sparkles

 The glance  DE7137
Brand: Collection D'Art
Design: 19x27 cm (7.5"x10.6")
Level: Beginner (30 colors)
Package condition: new
Made in Europe

- Re-usable zip lock bags: Square sparkles/drills with extra reserve
- Adhesive canvas with assembly chart: full coverage
- 2 craft trays
- Tweezers and magic stylus with dry wax
- Instruction in 8 languages
- Beautiful box (use as organizer)
- Picture of finished embroidery on front sheet.

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Diamond Painting kit Panther DE7137

SKU: DE7137
  • We offer a very trendy craft products from Collection D’Art brand: Diamond Embroidery Painting Craft kits. We would like you to join us in discovery of “embroidery” with diamond-shaped sparkles.

    Diamond Embroidery Painting is a simple kind of creative hobby. It helps to relax and has anti-stress effect which is very actual nowadays in our intensive world full of unexpected ongoings. Working on a new picture, you will get a great boost of positive energy. 

    Diamond Embroidery Painting craft concept is simple: using special “magic stylus” you apply tiny shiny sparkles (gems- "diamonds" ) to a preprinted adhesive canvas with clear symbols on it.

    Collection D'Art is a well-known manufacturer of printed embroidery, tapestry, needlepoint; diamond painting and paint by numbers kits. 
    Collection D'Art brand was established in 1975.

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