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Cushion finishing kit (cushion back)_44x47 cm (17.3"x18.5") _5999

Brand: Collection D'Art
Package condition: new

-  1 piece of 100% cotton fabric complete with stitched in zipper.

Each fabric edge is machine finished to prevent fraying.

 - detailed Instructions in 10 languages

- picture of finished kit on front sheet

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Cushion finishing kit (cushion back)_5999

SKU: 5999
  •    Collection D'Art cushions will be of interest to craftswomen who are fond of interior decoration and those who want to make a memorable and useful gift without spending a lot of time.
       Collection D'Art is a well-known manufacturer of printed embroidery, tapestry, needlepoint; diamond painting and paint by numbers kits. 
    Collection D'Art brand was established in 1975. 

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