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HobbyDo, we are open! Needlework, craft, creativity.

Updated: Jun 4

HobbyDo new online shop for cross-stitch, tapestry, needlepoint, diamond painting and paint by numbers kits.

HobbyDo Craft story

“Create today to enjoy tomorrow”

We are family business with a 10 years personal passion to cross-stitch and embroidery; and last years for diamond painting and paint by numbers. Now we are working on the launching our new craft and hobby online shop HobbyDo.

Needlework and Diamond Painting crafts became a 'got to' place to relax and unwind while being creative, especially in the last couple years when we all felt the stress and pressure of our uncertain lives.

Knowing over the 15 years RTO and Collection D’Art brands (these brands belong to the same EU manufacturer located in Estonia) we noticed that there are no online shops offering their full collections and assortment.

So, we came up with the idea to establish HobbyDo online shop where all the products are well presented in reliable place with easy and fast delivery all through Europe and overseas.

We has launched a lot of new RTO and Collection D’Art (HobbyDo) needlework, craft creativity and diamond painting products soon, please be sure to keep the eyes on our announcements😊

Hobbydo: needlework, craft, creativity. Enjoy and join us!

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