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Is Collection D'Art Quickpoint Cross-Stitch Cushions the Perfect Embroidery Project for You?

Updated: Jun 5

Collection D'Art quickpoint printed cross-stitch cushion content of the kits

Benefits of Collection D'Art Quickpoint Printed Cross Stitch Cushions!

If you are a craftswoman passionate about interior decoration or someone looking to create a memorable and practical gift without investing a lot of time, then Collection D’Art cross-stitch cushion kits are the perfect choice for you. These kits offer a delightful blend of ease, quality, and stunning design that will enhance any living space or serve as a thoughtful gift.

Unpacking the Kit: What's Inside?

As with all Collection D’Art products, the cross-stitch cushion kits are meticulously curated to include everything you need for a successful project. Here’s what you can expect to find in each kit:

  • High-Quality Canvas: The kits feature Sudan Zweigart large hole canvas, renowned for its superior weave and finish. This canvas is sturdy and easy to work with, making it ideal for quickpoint projects.

  • Vivid Prints: The colors on the canvas are vibrant and precisely printed, ensuring that your final product will be as stunning as the images on the packaging. The excellent color differentiation helps guide your stitching, making the process enjoyable and straightforward.

  • Top-Grade Needle: Each kit includes a Gold Eye Needle, specially designed to protect the delicate yarn fibers. This needle is durable and comfortable to use, ensuring a smooth stitching experience.

  • Acrylic Yarn: The kits come with 100% acrylic yarn, which is both durable and easy to work with. This yarn is designed to resist fraying and pilling, ensuring that your cushion remains beautiful and intact even with regular use.

  • Multi-Language Instructions: To cater to a global audience, the kits include detailed instructions in ten different languages. These comprehensive guides make it easy for anyone to get started, regardless of their previous experience with cross-stitch or embroidery.

See Before You Buy

One of the standout features of Collection D’Art cushion kits is the inclusion of images of the finished cushions on the front sheets. This allows you to see the gorgeous result you can achieve before purchasing, giving you confidence in the quality and beauty of the kit.

Thoughtful Packaging

The kits are carefully packed by hand into transparent bags. This not only protects the contents but also provides a clear view of what’s inside, making it easy to see the vibrant colors and quality materials before you even start your project. This attention to detail in packaging also makes these kits an excellent gift option, presenting them as a high-quality and thoughtful present for any occasion.

Perfect for Gifting

Collection D’Art quickpoint stamped cross-stitch cushion kits make great gifts for craft enthusiasts and interior decorators alike. The comprehensive nature of the kits ensures that even beginners can create beautiful cushions without needing to purchase additional supplies. The finished cushions add a personal and artistic touch to any home decor, making them a cherished and practical gift.

Stay Updated

Collection D’Art is continually releasing new and exciting designs. Follow us to stay updated on the latest additions to our collection and to find inspiration for your next project. You can explore our range of cushion kits and more at Hobbydo.


Collection D’Art cross-stitch cushion kits offer an ideal blend of quality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking to decorate your home or create a meaningful gift, these kits provide everything you need to craft beautiful, long-lasting cushions. Embrace the joy of crafting with Collection D’Art and add a touch of elegance and creativity to any space.

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