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More reasons to choose the best Collection D’Art Diamond Embroidery Painting kits.

How to choose best diamond painting? More reasons are here.

The quality of the canvas. The canvas has a double adhesive base (not just covered by glue). This can ensure that sparkles (gems) will be hold fast after the project is completed for a long time. You can roll canvas without any fractures or bends. Just make sure you roll it in the way when sparkles (gems) go outwards.

All designs have full coverage; in the finished project there are no "print spaces".

Tools. Collection D’Art offers both options in each set: tweezer and a magic stylus. Two craft trays, dry wax. Magic stylus is used to pick the sparkles (gems) up to put them on the canvas. Tweezer is a helper if you need to move the sparkle once it’s placed on the canvas.

A beautiful gift cardboard box, divided into convenient sectors that replace the organizer. You do not need to think how to organize your workplace for the project: just use the box and keep all in one place.

Every kit content clear instruction in 9 languages.

Collection D’Art Diamond Embroidery Painting helps to make a handmade masterpiece in the shortest possible time. You need very little to complete your project: a cheerful mind, a bit of love, a little patience – and soon you will get your creative work done!

Congrats, now you know how to choose the best diamond painting!

Join us to see assortment and choose!

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