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Collection D'Art printed tapestry kits: quick and easy?

Today we are presenting Collection D’Art printed tapestry kits that have a rich history in the embroidery world, and thanks to Greek family business became well-known worldwide for last 45 years.

Collection D’Art is famous for its high-quality printed designs on Zweigart Penelope Canvas. They have clear color differentiation, DMC color legend, canvas with clear cells.

Printed tapestry canvas can be embroidered without a hoop, the printed design allows you to embroider without a chart.

Printed tapestry kits have everything you need: a canvas with a printed design, cotton threads, tapestry needle, instructions in 10 languages, packed in the original packaging that gives the impression of a classic picture.

These kits can be embroidered with a cross, half cross or tapestry stitch.

Join us, relax and enjoy your embroidery!


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